Plane Wars Plus

Plane Wars Plus — casual real-time strategy (RTS) with RPG and Tower Defense elements. It’s a sequel to the original Plane Wars with brand new levels and locations. The war for freedom in the anti-utopian world goes on. So take part in air battles in the struggle for freedom and equality. Beat a long campaign, where you’ll become a legendary strategist who can fight with 1,2 or 3 enemies simultaneously in different modes.

Android version has multiplayer.

Download Plane Wars RTS




Plane Wars Plus features:

• 60 unique well balanced levels

• 5 game modes for each level

• 3 types of bases (towers)

• generating, reinforcing and damaging bases make the gameplay varied and flexible

• upgrade abilities and characteristics of your bases and aircrafts

• special abilities – weather control, power gain, acceleration of production and the creation of zeppelins





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